Thursday, June 2, 2011


The 3 D's are very important to me. We all hopefully have a mantra we follow and maintain during difficult times that enables us to RISE above the current dilemma. Sometimes our spirits are low and we find it difficult to listen to even the simplest of suggestions. When this happens take your time and find a comfortable seat and rest for a moment. Our life has caught up with us. Our movements, spirit and consciousness have converged and made a detour to the couch. How do we get up, move forward and become contributors in our life once again? Strong questions which need powerful answers. Let's work on the 3 D's...DRIVE-DESIRE-DETERMINATION.
The answers will come in time and my blog will fill in some spaces. Remember however, that in order to R-I-S-E (re-enforce inner self esteem) one has to believe in something that has relevance in their life. Start to believe in yourself, your abilities and most of all in your willingness to adjust to your environment. Be safe on your journey.

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