Sunday, May 29, 2011


I love and appreciate sensations. When the camera of our brain captures the moment and all the sensations vibrate back to the soul an excited message: I live for that moment.I treasure the special feeling when we are in love and not just the passionate love but the love that fills our lungs, brings us to tears and erupts in our skin like hair on end love that keeps us afloat in life. I see and feel that during my journey each day. Sometimes it freezes me in my tracks, or brings me to chin trembling episodes or just an eye cup full of tears. Oh God I love those sensations. I realize at times they are quick moments but they are sustaining moments. I want to fill them in a photo album of stored emotional memories. They are just to special to be felt only once at that heightened level. I want more. And yes, I missed out on many moments that were only imagined in my mind because of a lost number of loves. Our path in life sometimes removes the sensors that prevents us from feeling certain emotions. We need to take care of ourselves and be sure that the beauty of life and the simple pleasures are still warmly felt in our embrace. Today and everyday enjoy your own personal SENSATIONS.

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