Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Team...

Establishing a Performing Arts Center is a joyous undertaking. The people you meet and the experiences you handle on a regular basis really make you grow and develop. My training as an educator has been very helpful in this venture. We truly are the sum total of all our life experiences. I can see all of the needs before me and as I prepare each aspect for the facility certain people come to mind and are a perfect fit. Since we are bringing all the arts "Under one Roof" I need people from various genre's to lead the group. At this time we have 10 areas we are working on: Theatre, Opera, Jazz, Cabaret, Visual Arts, Applied Arts, Film work, Dance, Cooking and Youth Art.
As we open our facility it will be easy for the public to see and feel the energy of the ARTS! SPAF has the honor and privilege to bring to the Saugerties community a venue that will showcase many of the fabulous artists we have right here in our own neighborhood. The support we seek is basic and certainly fits into the philosophy of the area: "The Hudson Valley is a Jewel" and we want others to see that for themselves.
As we get closer to our first event please be in touch and let us know how you feel about our Performing Arts Factory. We are working on our website and many things are happening before our Grand Opening.
Thanks for Listening....

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