Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Learning Curve.

As a retired teacher I am accustomed to a structured routine. Now that I am a business owner I can see that my conditioning has helped me tremendously. I am a great believer of transitional skills, we all have them. Now that I wear several hats once again it is easy to slip on one hat while still maintaining the brim of another. The art of multi-tasking does have many benefits. My greatest pleasure when I am working is the creative juices that still flow from my being. They are all connected to the task of helping others.
When you have a minute...please look at the video on our friend Will. We are just about finished with all the work needed for kickstarter. I will be applying next week. Our goal is to film a short documentary on this remarkable young man who has turned his life around.
My opening comment on transitional skills is a point I make with all individuals who are looking to make a change in their life and vocation. Just relax and allow your spirit to direct you in the right direction. This isn't magic, just the ability to learn more about yourself and a chance to start believing in the inner spirit. Enjoy the journey and Thanks for Listening.

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