Monday, May 30, 2011


Sometimes a very difficult process to master or just not as important as it once was. We have all experienced times when we felt our words had no airport or resting place. Today we can email, text, facebook, twitter, google and myspace. They all have a platform that satiates our desire to share and communicate the impulsive needs to express momentary explosions of importance. However, listening is still the "Holy Grail" of individual strength. The more we can listen to our inner self and be careful with the interpretation: we can also learn to listen to the sounds and feelings of others and realize how true connections are made. Silence has a way of trafficking our inner being to the portal of our true self when the process is pure and non-combative. Take the time to truly listen to others. Make their moment distinct and relevant by focusing on them and the words they utter. Do not miss the exchange by thinking about your retort or greater need. Be captured by their enthusiasm and respond with your heartfelt interest. Remember, listening requires a volley of responses that demonstrate interest/concern/and kindness. We can learn more through listening and at the same time make someones day more pleasant. Enjoy your journey and please, listen to the sounds of one another.

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