Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Second Chance for Second Chance 4 Me.

Wow! Where do I begin. I know, "Art on the Line". The weekend of October 1-2-3 was exciting, hectic and expensive. It was going to be my last stand to make this dream of mine happen. Well, the event happened and it was a financial disaster. However, it did have some amazing results. I met a man named Stephen W. Tenner and was immediately taken by his kindness, quick thinking abilities and his tenacity. Stephen is now my partner and I am very proud of our new venture: Stella May Productions.
When we moved out of our old place on Broadway in Kingston, NY, I was sad. My heart and soul went into building a gallery, theatre space and tunnel gallery that wound up being just a dream. Not true. I was taken to a new space by a man named Mike Piazza who owns several industrial buildings in the area. His big heart and love for the arts helped me move in with a fair rent for a potential theatre and production company.
Stephen and I with the help of 2 other volunteers converted office space into a 140 seat theatre. We also have a suite of offices off the wing of the theatre. We have our offices that include an editing suite, graphic arts room, screening room, conference room, our office and a rental suite for visiting editors. Thank You Mike Piazza for your help and understanding with this project. We are now shooting commercials, developing reels for actors, shooting music videos, producing plays, housing a jazz series and promoting the arts through our gallery theatre. A SECOND CHANCE 4 ME!

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