Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Blink of an Eye.

Time, for all of us has a way of sneaking through our lives and disappearing very quickly. We first notice this when we are young and we want that extra hour to stay up and not miss any grown up activities. We next noticed it when a visit to a favorite relative ended and we felt we just arrived. Still another, was when we had a curfew and it didn't seem like anything got started till an hour after we got home. Today, time has a way of blinking by when we watch loved ones come and go and family members grow and leave before we realize it. As I watch the hand carved years move forward for me I noticed my career come and go with a blink of my eye. Sometimes I want to stare at the moment and not move the sleeve of change one second. My soul is eased by the fact that moments are more cherished and focused upon as the years churn out. There is no need to fill the basket of dreams as much but more importantly to use wisely all the ingredients in the basket. No waste no mess just the clarity of love and devotion. I wish you all: long stares, more moments and especially wide eyed enjoyment.

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