Wednesday, June 15, 2011

"Lucy, You have some explaining to do!!!!!!

Sometimes we all feel like Lucy when we have to explain to a Ricky what is going on. I have noticed on my journey in life how many people don't get certain things. That's fine.....I don't mind explaining things to others. What becomes tiresome is the lack of listening and cognitive processing that doesn't go into understand the elements and concepts that are being presented on a regular bases. I have several suggestions that may help in these difficult situations. When you learn about a new idea, place or product take the time to listen to the presentation and try to absorb the point being made. Remove some of your bias nature and look at it from a fresh perspective. Sometimes things are really what they say they are. More importantly, give a person or group a chance to explain their points, passion and perspective. It could lead to progress, prosperity and productivity. Thanks for listening.

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