Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Make it Happen.

This is a very interesting phrase. Some people/groups can make things happen. They blend the creative juices, stir the vibrant ideas and mix in the energy of people and before you can say....IT IS DONE. At Stella May Productions we do exactly that. On a daily basis the dream moves forward. Pleasantly and with heart and soul we move forward. Thank God for spirit and passion because when they are rubbed together a flame ignites. Our continued passion to bring quality performances to our (2) stages is a continuing journey. The Stella stage and the May stage have already established the presence of the theatre in our community. We hope to expand our recognition beyond the local city of Kingston, NY. Our focus is the entire county and beyond. The talent pool in the Hudson Valley is enormous. Our venue is an opportunity to showcase the artists in an atmosphere that brings back the old city venues that had the vibe to start off and the talent just made it ROCK! We have more on our mission plate than entertainment however. We need your help to establish Part II. Our membership packages are our way to remain solvent. We take 30% of that money and re-invest it into the parent company: Second Chance 4 Me. That company HELPS people. We have two projects on the table. We need funds to film a documentary on our friend Will and we need tuition for our friend Hector to get certified as a trainer. If you have ANY questions about our projects we would love to hear from you. Please remember that the old fashioned way of calling or visiting is still alive and useful. Social Media is exciting and so is the face-to-face meeting. Thanks for listening.

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