Sunday, June 12, 2011

Teaching Others.

You don't have to be a teacher to instruct others.What you have to be is someone who truly cares about giving good, sound advice. Advice you yourself would be able to digest and be fueled by. It's easy to pontificate about things but the actual walk is an entirely different set of muscles and emotions. This topic is on my mind because of the issues we face at this time. Our constant concern about topics we all have committed to memory have drained us of certain basic traits we have forgotten to share. The act of concern for others is monumental: we seem to protect our deeded plot as if we are a prospector from the old west. Reaching out and helping each other is huge in today's climate. Join forces and watch how the spirit learns to forge new strength from the collective. We need to sit and chat about how collectively we can solve the issues. Each party brings their spirit to the table. If the table can hold the collective and if the parties are willing to collaborate a solution will rise from the discussion. We teach one another on the journey. Sometimes the leader is the collective action of the group and not the individual in charge. Be strong in your willingness to be humble and the art of teaching will be experienced by the results.

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