Saturday, July 2, 2011

Listening and Seeing.

While on the journey of life I have honed my spirit to listen and see the good in people. My GPS (good people skills) has enabled me to temper my soul, feed my spirit, guide my thoughts and direct my actions in a sensitive and passionate way. During my career as a special education teacher I was able to blend difficult situations with a calmness that promoted unity as opposed to alienating the group. In the next stages of my life as a business owner I have utilized the same approach. Over time I can see and feel the results of a strong spirit finally being viewed while possibly not understood but yet having to be dealt with. Thank God for purpose and humility because without them we indulge ourselves in false acts of self-importance. While we all are vital in the fabric of life, some need to realize that as we spread the fabric out we are all important in the design and not just one piece taking up the entire focus. Be willing to be a blend of the colors, texture and design and not worry about the singular essence of your importance. The listening and seeing has to be felt and captured to truly feel the kiss of life on our cheek. With a humble soul I wish you ALL warmth and kindness on your journey.

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